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MiWBC Business Improvement Consultants Birmingham West Midlands UK

We have over 30 years experience in the motoring industry and over 10 years in training & education services.

We have also consulted and worked in utilities, financial services, digital media, recruitment and service industries at home and overseas.

We have extensive experience in leading a portfolio of major change projects focusing on a wide range of business issues.

Project Management

We have planned and executed many different types of projects across a number of industries, both small and large. Mostly we think it is about leadership, organisation, good management and common sense. We don't get too hung up about methodologies, we focus on relationships and results to get the job done to cost, quality and time and have run business transformation, reengineering, IT, commercial and many other large scale programmes.

Information Technology

In particular, we specialise in end-to-end project management of IT change projects and systems developments: scoping and documenting requirements, risk analysis, procurement and supplier selection, evaluation of technical solutions, management of suppliers to: cost, quality, timing, testing and sign-off and systems/website evaluation. We also build small business websites and design and manage larger web developments through a network of specialist designers and developers. We can provide some or all of these services to either take on the management process for you, or fill in any gaps in resourcing you may have.


We are affiliates of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (AIRP). We're not a recruitment agency as such but we can help you plan, set up and run effective recruitment campaigns - whether you are looking for a new manager or an entire workforce. More...


We have set up quality management systems for a number of organisations and can provide a range of services to help your business get to grips with ISO standards and implement effective business systems that deliver real value to the bottom line from the investment in time. We don't sell you an expensive system or method but work with you to develop tools and techniques that are appropriate for your business and fully meet the standards required.

Commercial Vehicles

We offer a 1 stop shop for the procurement of bespoke commercial vehicles (vans, converted chassis, etc) through our associate network. With flexible finance options and innovative management solutions this service could save you time and money, and remove many of the headaches associated with the sourcing, converting and commissioning of commercial vehicles. Email your enquiry and we will get straight back to you

Business Angel

Do you have a startup or fledgling business, or just a great idea for a business and need help getting it going. We offer a range of services that could help you get to the next level with some flexible pricing that could suit your needs. We will give straight talking advice and an objective assessment of your idea and whether we believe it can be a commercial success. Call Mark direct today for a confidential discussion on 07917 591733.


We undertake a number of photographic assignments for a range of clients, primarily taking pictures for websites, training packages and promotional materials. More ...


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