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MiWBC Goes Live - July 2012

MiWBC gets a new home. We've finally gone and done it - we have a brand new website to replace the one we built 4 years ago as a temporary measure. As well as looking 100% better than the old site, the new one has been designed to provide much more content to visitors. We will be updating the articles regularly and linking to our blog and news features. We've designed it as a resource rather than a sales brochure so hope there will be something for everyone. If you have any comments we would love to hear your feedback -


Electrical Contractor's Website goes live - July 2012 went live 18/07/2012. What started out as a quick job took a couple of months to complete but the business owner was delighted with the end result.


First InterVid Jobseeker gets success - July 2012

One of our users who has been looking for a new job for some time has just secured a new position. The employer told us that he only invited her for interview because of her video and was pleased to see that she was exactly just like the video. If you have any comments we would love to hear your feedback -


InterVid Joint Venture Success - June 2012

For nearly 2 years we have been working in partnership with a video production company developing a web based video interview product for the recruitment industry. It is an innovitive service that helps jobseekers find work and employers find the right candidate. The service allows the jobseeker to present themselves in a highly professional way and employers can save a lot of time and money using the videos to help them shortlist people for interview. We got our first breakthrough this month when we agreed a joint venture with Gordon Franks Training from Birmingham. Read the full story here... For more information on InterVid click here to visit the website.



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